We undertake all vehicle repairs belong to any insurance policy in Srilanka.Also undertake repairing vehicle met with small or big accidents.We are capable of rapid repairing system with latest technological equipments.

Other Services

  • Security System

    24 Hour's Security System

    We have responsibility to protect your vehicles.We maintain fire alam system and security camera system in 24 hours.If you select our services you don't want to get risk about your vehicles,we can certify the security of your vehicle...

  • Computerized colour Mixing

    Reception Service

    We have reception services to identify the customer requirement and achive the customer goals.Through this facility we sertify to finished your service with in due date and also you can check finishing percentage and quality of service in one telephone call.

  • Customer Waiting Facility

    Customer Waiting Facility

    We have so many facilities than other vehicle repairing centers.You don't want to face any difficulty's until you select our services.Because we have A/C facilities and sanitary facilities etc.

Body Parts Remove Refit and Align.

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Quick Dent Repair

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Chassis Align

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Dry Sanding

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